5 NEET Performance Tips That You Need To Know! | Books To Read | Sample Question Papers

Here I write a blog on NEET performance tips, NEET examination books, and NEET examination sample question papers. This will help you to achieve good scores in the NEET examination. Lakhs of students are appearing for examination every year for securing their admission. Instead of wasting so much time studying and preparing for the exams. It is better to study by concentrating on the studies.

In 2020, the NEET examination will be conducted in the first week of May, which will decide the dreams of the students who wish to be a doctor. The 3 hrs long exam will be pen-paper based and there will be a total of 180 questions. 45 each from Zoology and Botany and Physics and Chemistry.

Here are a few NEET performance tips which help you to focus on your studies for the NEET examination. Follow these steps at the time of preparation so that you can score high in your NEET examination.

1. Breaks are necessary

The first and most effective tip in NEET performance tips is taking necessary breaks. It is necessary to take short brakes between the study which will help you to get refreshed and focused. While taking a break be assure that you are taking the right activity and not taking a long break. Get relaxed while you are on a break. Take a short walk, shower, talk with friends are the best examples for taking a relaxing break. Also, try to keep your mind free.

2. Focus on the core

The second NEET performance tip is to focus on the core. Always focus on the core while studying. Almost 80% of the questions will ask from the core part of the subjects. So, instead of wasting time on modules that are not likely to be asked. It is better to focus on the core parts of the subjects which will help you to score more. Also, practice your previous year question papers. So that you will be familiar with the NEET examination question pattern. Sample question papers are attached to the bottom of this article.

3. Create Notes While Studying

Create your Own notes while preparing for the NEET examination. Instead of using highlight markers in your books it is better to write down those points in a notebook. So that you can read it later which will help your brain to remember it in both oral and visual ways. Also, this will help you to revise all the main points before the exam.

4. Make biology modules visualized

Biology section along contains 90 questions for the NEET examination. You need to cover as much as the biology part so that you can score more. It is somewhat difficult to remember the biology part in the examination, therefore, it is better to visualize and learn. You can take diagrams in a chart or paper so that you will get remembered at the time of examination.

5. Recap, Review And Reinforce

Always find some time to recap, review and reinforce what you learned before the exam. If you could not find much time for recap, review and reinforce what you learned. There is a change in forgetting what you learned for the NEET exams.

NEET Examination Books

NEET examination Books are an important part of the preparation of the NEET examination. You can handle the entire syllabus of the NEET examination if you have the right books in hand. For achieving good marks in your exam you need to prepare for your exams by reading good books. The NEET examination books consist of 3, physics, chemistry, and biology. Here we list out the good NEET examination books for physics, chemistry, and biology.

NEET examination books for Physics

  1. Concept of Physics by HC Verma.
  2. Objective Physics by Prof. Satya Prakash Arya. (MTG Publishers).
  3. Concepts of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Agarwal.
  4. NCERT Physics by Anil Aggarwal.

NEET examination books for Biology

  1. Moderns ABC of Biology for XI & XII. – B. B. Arora, A. K. Sabharwal- Modern Publishers.
  2. Exploring Biology (Vol 1 & 2). – Sanjay Sharma & Sudhakar Banerjee – Arihant Publications.
  3. Objective Biology (Vol 1, 2 & 3). – K. N. Bhatia / K. Bhatia – Dinesh Publications.
  4. Medical Entrances Biology (Vol 1, 2 & 3). – Mamta R. Solanki & Lalita Ghotik – Target Publications.

NEET examination books for Chemistry

  1. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon. (G. R. Bathla Publications).
  2. Objective Chemistry (Set of 3 Vols). (S. Dinesh & Co.).
  3. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry. (Part 1 & 2).
  4. Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey. (GRB Publication).

NEET Examination Sample Question Papers

I think the above NEET preparation tips, NEET examination books, NEET examination sample question papers will help you with your NEET examination. I would like to receive your feedback for this article on the below comment box. I hope you got some tips from this article.

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